File Apprentice Edge (updated January 2018)
The Hair & Beauty Industry guide to employing apprentices and trainees from inception to completion.
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File Apprenticeship conditions of employment (updated June 2018)
Under Modern Award, from 1 January 2015, all employers must pay for the apprentice course costs/textbooks. This will apply to both new AND existing apprentices for any costs from 1 January 2015. From 1 July 2018 - NSW salons will NOT pay apprentice NSW TAFE course fees.
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File Apprenticeship contract
Even though it is a fixed-term employment contract, you are required to provide at least one month's notice before the ending of the apprenticeship as to whether the apprentice will continue working in your salon or not. Also, you MUST treat your apprentice like any other employee, as they accrue the same entitlements, e.g. holiday/sick pay from DAY ONE! If the apprentice has not signed the training contract then they MUST be paid as a casual level 1 under the Award.
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File Choice of Superannuation Form

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File Employee Emergency Information Form

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File Fair Work Information Statement
This MUST be given to all apprentices/trainees
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File Hiring the Right Person
You can use this basic step by step guide to help you make the right decision and to help you make sure you’re not doing anything wrong.
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File Interviewing and Hiring Checklist
Our simple checklist to ensure you get the right person for your job
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File New Employee Checklist and Induction

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File New Employer Starter Form

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File Payslip Template
All apprentices/trainees MUST be issued with a payslip at least ONE DAY after being paid.
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File Roster Template

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File Skills Tests, Trials and Offering the Position
Everything you need to know about what to pay for a trial - REMEMBER THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UNPAID TRIAL!!
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File Tax Declaration Form

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File Time and Wages Records
All you need to know to keep accurate and complete records and issue pay slips to ensure employees receive their correct wages and entitlement
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File Weekly Time Records Template

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