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Purchase Order - Customised Contract - only $50 per contract (10% off for 5 or more contracts)
Why not start your employee's journey on the right foot with a contract of employment (letter of engagement) to ensure you are not breaching any Fair Work conditions. Now for the not-so-good information. An infringement notice is similar to an on-the-spot fine. It can be issued by a Fair Work Inspector (an Inspector) to an employer who doesn't follow its record-keeping and pay slip obligations under Australian workplace laws including: * not making or keeping time and wage records * not including the right information on a pay slip or employee record * not issuing pay slips within 1 working day of paying employees. It's important for employers to keep accurate records to avoid fines and so employees and Inspectors can check that employees are getting the correct entitlements. Up to $1 260 per breach for an individual. Up to $6 300 per breach for a corporation. (Source:
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Purchase Order - Deed of Release - only $330 per document
Deed of release or also known as a Terms of Settlement is used as a binding agreement on both the employer and employee (or former employee) on a settled financial amount to avoid any further costs or possible Fair Work Claims.
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Purchase Order - Document Review - $95 per hour / Employer's Response (Form F3/Form F8A) Preparation & Lodgement including Conciliation Representation - only $250 per hour
To ensure you have an up-to-date policy & procedure manual and/or contracts that are compliant with current legislation. All your salon documents should be reviewed at least every 2-3 years. Also if you are unlucky to receive an Unfair Dismissal or General Protections Claim from a previous employee and you need to provide the completed Employers Response form to the Fair Work Commission, we can complete your Form F3 Employers Response (unfair dismissals) or Form F8A Employers (general protections) with our specialised in-house qualified advisory team. Also, we can represent you during the Conciliation (over the phone) and negotiate the best settlement terms to protect your business interests.
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Purchase Order - Policy & Procedure Manual - Generic only $330 / Customised only $520
If you are after a brand new salon policy & procedures manual, there are two options available - either we provide you with a generic manual in Word format with all the fundamentals or a fully customised manual with your salon logo included, a phone appointment with our advisory team to nut out your salon specific details and both emailed final draft and post out a binded hard copy version to your address.
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