File Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave
CONDITIONS APPLY! - Employees must have at least 4 weeks annual leave left after cash out, a signed written agreement be in place and the employee must not cash out more than 2 weeks each 12 months.
Filesize: 15.7 kB
File Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance
GET THIS IN WRITING - if you want to give your employee annual leave upfront
Filesize: 16 kB
File Annual Leave
Everything you need to know about annual (or holiday pay) including how to work it out for part-time staff
Filesize: 280 kB
File Community Service Leave (or Jury Duty Leave)
Only used for an employee who volunteers for SES/CFA/RSPCA and jury duty service
Filesize: 410 kB
File Compassionate Leave (or Funeral Leave)
Only used for an employee who is looking after an immediate family member or household who is about to die or to attend their funeral.
Filesize: 373 kB
File Dad and Partner's Leave
All you need to know about the Government's paid parental leave scheme for partners of the primary carer.
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File Direction to Take Annual Leave
Use this template letter to give your employees four weeks' notice of your salon close-down of its operations, such as Christmas/New Year period.
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File Family & Domestic Violence Leave
New entitlement commencing 1 August 2018, providing all employees with 5 days unpaid leave per year.
Filesize: 106 kB
File Keeping in Touch Days
Keeping in touch days allow an employee who is still on unpaid parental leave to go back to work for a few days. Good for training days and helps your employee to return to work after having their baby.
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File Leave Request Form

Filesize: 51 kB
File Paid Parental Leave
All you need to know about the Government's paid parental leave scheme.
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File Parental Leave and Related Entitlements
All you need to know about unpaid parental leave
Filesize: 278 kB
File Parental Leave Employer Checklist
A simple checklist to ensure you have completed all steps with parental leave
Filesize: 384 kB
File Personal Carer's Leave (or Sick Leave)
Sick Leave is now called Personal Carer's Leave and only used when the employee is away from work due to illness or caring for an immediate family member.
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File Public Holidays
REMEMBER - that the under Hair & Beauty Award, the public holiday penalty rate is double time and a half for all hours worked on a public holiday.
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File Updated Parental Leave Notification Form
An employee can use this form to notify you their employer of/ or update the details of any parental leave that they intend to take. Page 1 explains how to fill this form in.
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File Withholding PAYG on Leave Payments
As a pay as you go (PAYG) payer you are required to withhold PAYG amounts from certain payments that you make to employees who are continuing in your employment. These payments include holiday pay, leave loading and long service leave payments as well as payouts of untaken long service leave and untaken annual leave.
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